Our Approach – Analysis, Strategy, Implementation

Before embarking on a marketing strategy, if these have not been created by our client, first we seek to establish their overall business objectives.

Broadly speaking these will cover

A. Analysis of product & service. This includes the establishing and challenging (existing and potential) of:-

  • The markets for which the products are suitable
  • The key aspects, USP’s, benefits (not features) to each customer type
  • Competitors
  • Strategic allies/partners

B. Analysis of customer service/support:-

  • Sales channels
  • Technical knowledge of product
  • Knowledge of target market sectors
  • Sales-handling, receiving/converting enquiries, what training may be required

C. Objectives including :-

  • Capacity
  • Sales targets

D. Summary of business strategy

  • Establish leader/driver of initiative within client organisation (must have complete authority)
  • Sales strategy for each brand/division including broad marketing approach
  • Budget
  • Timescales

E. Detailed Marketing strategy covering:-

E1. Shop window

  • Product and service
  • Brand/s
  • Web/online presence

E2. Communications

  • Communication channels (360 ° brand consistency)
  • Message for each target market/customer type
  • Measurability

F. Implementation

Our ways of working

In establishing and creating the overall strategy, we can work in either of two ways –

– Carry out the analysis and strategy creation as a fee-paid, stand-alone exercise where there would be no obligation to use our services.

– Create a broad marketing outline of services and costs then carry out the analysis and strategy creation once the overall costs/approach are approved and we are appointed. At this stage we would create a detailed two-year marketing strategy.

Our services include the development and implementation of website design, hosting and support, full SEO support, social media, eshots, written content for website, blog and case-studies. Additional services are location and studio photography. The only exception to our services is email provision and support which would need to be supplied by your IT provider.