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How, from being interior designers, we crossed over to the dark side and became marketers ourselves

The concept of a dedicated marketing service for manufacturers and suppliers targeting interior designers was born from over twenty years of frustration. Frustration from being “sold to” as an interior designer but without being given the necessary technical, or even basic, data on which an informed decision could be made on products or supply.

The issue was that without suppliers we could not do our work. Even if we were not procuring or project managing we needed the information in order to just specify.

Enough was enough

We spoke to the marketers in the suppliers’ companies and asked “Are interior designers important to your business?”

We found to our surprise and pleasure, upon challenging some of the culprits (Dulux) that the poor service that we received in our design practice from suppliers was not from disinterest on their part but instead arose from a lack of understanding of how interior designers specify and practice. What was the day-to-day norm for us was a complete mystery to suppliers.

Oscar de la Renta store interior, London by Meyer Davis

Oscar de la Renta store interior, London by Meyer Davis

Sketch 9 Conduit Stree, London. Designed by Mourad Mazouz and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence

Sketch 9 Conduit Stree, London. Designed by Mourad Mazouz and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence.

How The UK Interior Design Bureau was born

So we set about creating a consultancy that would educate suppliers and manufacturers in what Creative Specifiers need to carry out the process. Our aim was to show them that serving specifiers was the way forward and that this would be a much more effective way to sell than the most pushy salesman they could employ.

Our services and advice centre around:-

  • Training people who provide customer service
  • Demonstrating how to present product images and data
  • Communicating how to develop relationships with creative specifiers (and why discriminating on the size of the interior
    design/architectural practice or the order is a bad sales strategy)
  • Showing how sales people become Valued Experts if they focus on sharing their relevant technical knowledge with their prospective
  • Communicating the priorities for interior designers/architects when sourcing, selecting and specifying
  • Explaining the typical life-cycle of a specification and that urgent requests to suppliers arise from genuine project pressures (and not
    from the incompetence of specifiers as is widely believed).

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Tennessee Farmhouse, Nashville, kitchen by Meyer Davis

Tennessee Farmhouse, Nashville, kitchen by Meyer Davis