Bringing your product to the interior design and architectural market.

You are here because having recognised the tremendous purchasing influence held by interior designers and architects your objective is to make your products visible and accessible to them.

TIDB provides actionable insight in the form of consultancy and advisory services, alongside digital marketing, to manufacturers and suppliers.

Creative Specifiers and your Business

You are probably excited at the potential your products or services have within the Creative Specifier market but feel that you need help. It may be that nobody in your business has experience of how creative specifiers work and perhaps you have realised that standard marketing is ineffective for this sector.

The UK Interior Design Bureau is a team made up of interior designers and architects providing the industry insight on our sector to enable suppliers and manufacturers to succeed in this marketplace.

We provide a complete consultancy and marketing service generating high-value enquiries from creative specifiers at the crucial time when they are specifying for projects that are relevant to your product.

We do this despite the fact that this marketplace is crammed with suppliers clamouring for attention. How is it done?

We do this through a detailed and thorough approach to the following areas, all of which have the objective of generating high-value enquiries.