Digital marketing

Attracting interior designers and architects to your product and service

This service is for product manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators.

With creative specifiers, like other target markets, your website is your most important sales tool. Your product needs to be visible and accessible online and, despite the plethora of other suppliers’ websites, it is entirely possible for your product to stand out.

When a creative specifier is searching for a related product, your product is made visible online even if the prospective customer is not yet specifically aware of it. Then the product and its properties, alongside your service, are presented, in crystal clarity to enable a rapid assessment of suitability.

TIDB creates and develops websites which provide valuable specifying resources for interior designers and architects and generate specification sales.

TIDB digital marketing services include


Creation and development of websites including all written content, product descriptions and imagery.

Ongoing creation of new material, updating and adding content.

Digital brochures

Including all written material, graphic design and photography.

Art direction and photography
  • Product and on-location photography;
  • Post-production of images.
Social Media

Creating engagement with market audience across social media platforms and driving traffic to the website.

E-shot campaigns

Designing and mailing targeted eshots to a refined database (TIDB’s own mailing list, relevant purchased lists, customer database).

Website Optimisation

Updating web platform to meet latest Search Engine requirements.

Website Hosting
  • Provision of managed website hosting with a 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 support
  • Automated backups
  • Domain management
Statistical Reports and analysis of:-
  • Visitor-to-enquiry rates
  • Enquiry-to-sale rates
  • Conversion rates.

Handling your own marketing?

If you already have an in-house or appointed marketing resource then take a look at the TIDB Actionable Insight Modules. These provide in-depth information on the creative specifier sector, the process of specification and guidance on the most effective product presentation.

The Modules are designed for business-owners, marketers and product-managers. Learn more here.

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