Strategic alliance development

Identifying potential trading allies and negotiating shared marketing initiatives

This service is for product manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators.

As a business owner or marketer you may have thought that it would be advantageous to combine marketing or sales forces with a related business, perhaps a customer of yours, as you have synergistic products but simply have not had the time or resource to develop a strategy or make the approach.

TIDB identifies potential business allies and creates a strategy to combine marketing efforts which benefit both parties.

For manufacturing clients, joining forces with a like-minded partner means being able to share and present a greater range of products that demonstrate how their own product can be used. The more products that are seen online the better the prospective customer will understand the products’ potential applications and search engines can more effectively locate and present the related material.

Having a strategic ally means achieving a wider spread of marketing coverage about the related products. It also means sales efforts are boosted by having the partner’s sales force, as well as the TIDB client’s, being active in selling the combined product.

To illustrate how this works, our client, a fabricator of PVD coloured stainless steel, Double Stone Steel Ltd., has a wide range of potential applications for this material.

We identified a range of potential allies including manufacturers of balustrade components, architectural mesh, laser cut screens, washroom accessories and architectural ironmongery. These companies were willing to enter into a joint venture with TIDB’s client.

TIDB then liaised with the strategic allies to develop a range of stainless steel sample products that were coloured via the PVD process.

The resulting range of products were promoted online demonstrating some of the potential applications of PVD coloured stainless steel.

The products were also promoted on the partners’ websites and their sales teams are actively able to sell the products, driving sales for both themselves and for TIDB’s client.

TIDB strategic alliance development includes

Identifying potential strategic trading allies for client

Researching and finding potential manufacturing partners.

Creating joint venture marketing strategy

Creation of strategy and negotiating with potential partner regarding online promotion, photography, case studies and social media.

Liaison with strategic ally or partner

Ongoing sharing of initiatives and campaigns, product promotion and photography.

TIDB’s Strategic Alliance development can be slotted in to your existing marketing structure should you require this as a stand-alone service.

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