Product photography

In-studio product photography

This service is for product manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators.

The image of a product is crucially important as it is the first experience the creative specifier has of a product before they receive a sample. The product needs to be shown in such high quality that the specifier can read the texture and finish before being able to physically handle it.

Product photography is an area where artistic effects are not only wasted but create a barrier to the prospective customer being able to interpret the product. Also, poor, or low-resolution, product images are less likely to be shared online whilst if they are of a high quality, images will be shared via social media.

The creative specifier needs to see the product in its entirety and it is important that all of the subject is presented in sharp clarity and that no part of the product is shown out-of-focus or blurred.

Images for use in digital marketing to creative specifiers will best serve their purpose if they have a plain white background. Coloured or busy backgrounds make it difficult for the creative specifier to read the product and also confuse the offer when presenting to a client.

A high quality, clean image allows the interior designer or architect to present the product to their client in confidence knowing it is a good representation of what they are proposing as part of the design scheme.

For on-site architectural and interiors photography with third-party photographers TIDB creates a brief and provides art-direction to ensure the images fit the brief.

Product photography includes

  • Advising on products to photograph
  • In-studio shots
  • Post-production, cleaning and editing images, photoshopping into further colourways
  • Creation of brief, art-direction.

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