Website content

Relevant and concise product data to enable selection and specification

This service is for product manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators.

Digital communications aimed at an interior designer and architect audience need to be concise, technically informative and without any descriptive “padding”.

Content for TIDB’s clients is written by professional creative specifiers.

Having interior designers and architects create written content means that the details and priority of product information are exactly matched to how creative specifier customers source, select and specify products. This means that prospective customers can begin the specification process as soon as they arrive on a supplier’s website.

TIDB’s case studies demonstrate how our client’s service and product were instrumental in the creation of a successful design scheme. The case studies do not gloss over design problems, instead, they narrate how project challenges are overcome with the help of the supplier’s product and service. This way, the creative specifier reader becomes engaged with a relatable design story and at the same time develops trust in the supplier’s authority and ability.

The TIDB blog articles form a core of relevant material that enable our client’s websites to be found by search engines. The subjects are those that will be of interest to interior designers and architects and the articles are written by creative specifiers and architectural critics.

The blog articles play an important role in building the gravitas of our client’s website online and facilitating their product to be found through broadly related searches.

TIDB website content provision includes

Creation of web content

Creation and collation of all written content, product descriptions & imagery. Ongoing creation of new material, updating / adding to content.

Creation of blogs & white papers

Research and production of articles written by TIDB team of architects, architectural critics, interior designers and industry experts.

Creation of case studies

Researching of projects, interviewing designers, contractors, architects; commissioning and obtaining photography; creating all written content.

Liaison with strategic allies

Liaison with Client’s customers, strategic partners to share & promote content.

Handling your own marketing?

If you already have an in-house or appointed marketing resource then take a look at the TIDB Actionable Insight Modules. These provide in-depth information on the creative specifier sector, the process of specification and guidance on the most effective product presentation.

The Modules are designed for business-owners, marketers and product-managers. Learn more here.

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