Selling via interior designers and architects – your Launch Pad

These are the essentials to be in place in order to launch.

A Grand Plan

Launching your product into the interior design and architectural market does not necessarily mean you have a new product range. You may have a product you wish to re-launch or perhaps your product is successful in another market but the creative specifier market is new to you.

Whatever your position, a three to five year strategy is essential. One that is unique to you, incorporates your available and potential resources and fully capitalises on the benefits you offer.

Your Grand Plan will include how you are differentiated from any competitors and identify other compatible markets you can target at the same time as interior designers and architects.

A defined product range

If you have not already defined your product range, we will work with you to develop a viable core range of products. A programme for adding further products and developing prototypes will be part of this stage.

Strategic Allies

You will inevitably have natural strategic allies with whom you can join forces in creating additional exposure for your product. Forging these partnerships with other manufacturers and suppliers enhances your reach and amplifies your message.

Utilising our knowledge of the interior design and architectural product market we identify potential partners and develop partnering programmes.

Customer service

You don’t need a conventional sales team to sell. All you need is responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, people who will form your front line in handling enquiries and sampling provision.

We provide the training and industry-insight to educate your team in working with creative specifiers, understanding the specification life-cycle and tracking your specification sale throughout.

If members of your team are not equally knowledgeable on your product then our professional trainer will develop and run Training modules for you which facilitate the sharing of essential product knowledge.