Your product’s route to the interior design and architectural market

To start with, a five-year strategy is essential, even if it changes. You may wish to launch your initial range as soon as you can, implementing later product variations later as prototypes or product partners produce these.

If you already have a big brand that you are happy and successful with a new brand for you may mean a very subtle sub-brand that is facing the creative specifier market.

You may have eco and Green credentials, being so important in the architectural sector, that are essential to incorporate and an understanding of what your competitors are doing is also needed.

Sitting Room, London Square by Suna Interior Design

Sitting Room, London Square by Suna Interior Design

Your product range – Product range development

If you have not already defined your product range, we will work with you to develop a viable range of products and, if you are wishing to get to start selling as soon as you can, identify which can be taken to market the most quickly.

As interior designers ourselves, we use our knowledge of the specification genres to establish which ones your product or material will fit best. Download a list of possible specification genres?

If you create bespoke items and don’t have a product range of your own then we will look at how your materials can be demonstrated effectively through creating strategic allies.

Bedroom, Pearson Sq, London by Kelling Designs

Your product range – Developing prototypes

If your product is defined but you do not yet have physical items to demonstrate, we will work with you in either your in-house designers or in commissioning product designers to design prototypes for fabrication and demonstrating product potential.