Actionable Insight Module i1 – Aligning services

Enhancing and supplementing your existing customer service offer

Who is this Module for? Marketers, product-managers and business-owners

As you will know, your brand is everything that a customer perceives about your company when they interact with you and it is crucial to ensure that your service and approach match the high quality of your product.

Not only are these services core to succeeding with the creative specifier customer, they also need to be promoted alongside your product. In other words, your service is just as important as your product in motivating an interior designer to get in touch and to be confident to work with you.

In this Module we cover the, often side-lined but crucially important, elements of service that are compelling and necessary to creative specifiers if they are to specify your product.

When you have completed this Module you will:-

  • Know the most sought-after services to provide for creative specifier customers and be able to develop these to enhance your current offer.
  • Be able to fully capitalise on your sales and marketing spend by solidly underpinning those efforts with seamless customer services.
  • Understand how all of your workforce can interact with the customer to provide productive engagement across all touchpoints.

Module i1, Aligning services, covers an overview of your current offer & recommendations for:-

  • Samples fulfilment, format and presentation of sampling, other marketing collateral.
  • Subcontracted fulfilment and despatch service.
  • Turnaround timescales.
  • Accompanying information on services and resources.
  • Telephone and email/web enquiry customer service and fulfilment.
  • Support services to ideally make available.
  • Other methods of delivery, delivery via sales team.
  • Language – consistency, terminology.
  • Existing and potential technical and support services available to specifiers.
  • Which online and offline resources to offer creative specifiers.
  • Service design – this overlaps digital media as it covers online resources which are an important part of the creative specifier being able to do their job.
  • Provision of non-proprietary information.

Module i1 is delivered via:-

  • Analysis – testing of services and processes, discussion with Module Lead Members (up to 3 people).
  • Written and diagrammatic material, discussed in online meetings.

Ongoing Support and Online access to Module material

All material covered, including recordings from online meetings, will be made available via an online portal on the TIDB website.

Online access to Module material is charged separately to delivery of Modules to allow other team members from your company to become involved and share material. We do require a minimum of five people (Users) to sign up for online access to Module material.

Ongoing support hours are included with each block of five users signing up.


All Module content is customised to your company and product.

Modules can be delivered as stand-alone units however the content does overlap with the other Modules. For the best comprehensive and integrated view of the creative specifier market we recommend commissioning all four Modules.

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