Actionable Insight Module i2 – Industry Insight

An in-depth look at how interior designers and architects source, select and specify products

Who is this Module for? Marketers, product-managers and business-owners

Unless you are an interior designer or architect how could you ever hope to know what goes on in their working lives in detail? Moreover there are different genres of interior design practices and, to generate and nurture sales, it is crucial to understand these different operating types.

In this Module we cover, in detail, exactly how creative specifiers go about selecting and specifying products and the process of presenting to their client. Why is this important to know?

Your understanding of your interior designer or architect customer allows you to ensure that you match your service exactly to meet their requirements. In addition, the demonstration of empathy and understanding by your sales and customer service team will serve to generate strong customer relationships.

When you have completed this Module you will:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the sourcing, selection and specification process that creative specifiers use.
  • Be able to accurately identify, in a sales conversation, the genre of interior designer you are engaging with, demonstrate empathy and know the most important product and service information to communicate.
  • Understand how interior designers search for products to enable you to set out your Shopwindow effectively.

Module i2, Industry Insight, provides information on:-

  • The different roles and functions within the interior design sector.
  • The sectors creative specifiers work within.
  • The core different types of interior design practice.
  • The client-specifier relationship.
  • How creative specifiers charge for their services (and why this is important to know).
  • Challenges creative specifiers face from suppliers.
  • The process of sourcing and selecting products.
  • Creative specifiers’ priorities and crucial data on products that they need to know.
  • How designers communicate a design.
  • The range of products within a design scheme and identifying the product expert.
  • How a specification is created.
  • How a design proposal and specification are presented and delivered to the client
  • The process of approval and rejection of proposed specifications by the client.
  • The specification sale life cycle – Key stages within the sourcing to specification process.
  • Influencers within the specification sale life-cycle and their priorities.
  • The different stimuli we react to, the quality of empathy and how to demonstrate it.
  • Clustering – matching product information format to the creative specifier’s task.
  • The process of de-specification, how to protect against it.

Module i2, Industry Insight, is delivered via:-

  • A “Coach the Coaches” model, that is, to the Module Lead Members (up to 3 people).
  • Written and diagrammatic material, discussed in online meetings.

Ongoing Support and Online access to Module material

All material covered, including recordings from online meetings, will be made available via an online portal on the TIDB website.

Online access to Module material is charged separately to delivery of Modules to allow other team members from your company to become involved and share material. We do require a minimum of five people (Users) to sign up for online access to Module material.

Ongoing support hours are included with each block of five users signing up.


All Module content is customised to your company and product.

Modules can be delivered as stand-alone units however the content does overlap with the other Modules. For the best comprehensive and integrated view of the creative specifier market we recommend commissioning all four Modules.

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